If you are looking for an experienced business strategist and mentor to help you get clarity, grow your business or to help you make your life & happiness a priority, book a call with Jo. 
Jo has 21 years of business experience running her own multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses and 10 years as a business mentor - she knows how successful businesses work. 

As a mum of 4 kids she also appreciates the juggle between work and kids.

Jo has the tools, tried and tested systems and a lifetime worth of strategy, from helping hundreds of business owners and can guide you through the journey into creating a business that gives you more freedom, more money and more impact without sacrificing yourself or family time.
BOOK A CALL with JO if…
  • You are a woman who wants to grow her business.
  • You want less stress, more time,  more money.
  • You want to create more revenue without working harder or longer.
  • ​You want more new clients.
  • ​You want more cashflow and income.
  • ​​You want to hire a team or improve the one you have.
  • ​You want support and strategy to stop comparitis, confidence and imposter syndrome.

Hi, I'm Jo

I'm a Freedom Business Strategist and Co founder of Blue Cow Global - which means I mentor ambitious, motivated female business owners in how to create a business that gives them freedom, an abundance of ideal customers, time, money, confidence, happiness and success on their terms, without sacrificing themselves or their family life. 

I believe that achieving our business goals without feeling successful in the other areas of our life is not true success.

My goal for all my clients is to help them unlock and unblock their true potential and give them the strategy to remove what I call their ‘freedom blockers’, so they set themselves free to achieve everything they want both personally and professionally.  

As Womanpreneurs we must ensure that we are not too busy building our business that we forget to build a life that we love. I am not saying we should not ‘work’, yet we don’t have to work in the way we have been lead to believe.

Our business should work FOR us, not just BECAUSE of us. 

If we only earn money when we are doing the technical work of the business, it’s much harder to set ourselves free and to create choice and leverage. With this model we often work harder than we need to and for less return. 

My own business experience has not come from watching on the side lines. Over the past 20 years, I have started, exited and run multiple six and seven figure businesses. It wasn’t always easy.

After losing my way and finding myself stressed and ready to quit, I created my R.E.S.E.T process, and transformed everything. 

I had not planned on becoming a coach or mentor, however, before long other people started asking me to show them how they could transform their business and their life just as I had done. I started to see a pattern amongst my female clients. I am not saying it is harder for us than for men. However, we often have some ‘freedom blockers’ that we have to solve in order to achieve full success on our terms.

Then a client told me she ‘wanted my life’, I realised it was not my life she wanted, she meant that she wanted a freedom life. To live her best life by design.

My personal experience, as a married mum with four kids means that I know what it is like to juggle business and family life. I also fully appreciate what it is like to lose some of ourselves as we take care of everyone else: kids, partner, family, pets, home, customers, team, whilst unintentionally putting ourselves last. Slowly getting depleted in the pursuit of business success and pleasing everyone else so they are happy. Even if it means we are unhappy or not as fulfilled as we deserve to be. 

My passion is to help my female clients re-discover who she is, decide exactly what she wants and then take the action to achieve it.

I have developed my unique mentoring methods over the past ten years to help my clients to think differently, act strategically and raise their expectations and self belief in what they can achieve in both business and life outside business. 

I want you to have it all.

It's your time to shine and you deserve it!

Results clients have achieved ...

  • Doubled cashflow in their business
  • Created and launched an online programme
  • Recruited their power team
  • ​Gained confidence to increase their price and sold more than ever before
  • ​Reset personal relationships
  • ​Ran their first challenge
  • ​Created a new lead magnet and started growing their list
  • ​Transformed their money mindset
  • ​Set their financial and business KPI's
  • ​Completed a rebrand


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